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ColoCSX Data Center of the Future

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ColoCSX is approaching the end of a three-year program to refresh the data center’s entire infrastructure and prepared the data center for the IT systems of the future.

Whether you are an established customer or have only recently begun safeguarding your information and applications in our fortified data center, these infrastructure upgrades benefit you.

The team at ColoCSX is replacing all the power switch gear, uninterruptible power supply systems, and the chillers with brand new, high-reliability and high-efficiency enterprise data center-class equipment. These upgrades make the ColoCSX data center one of the most efficient in the North East Florida region. These modern efficiencies also give our customers the highest availability at a lower operating cost than datacenters built even a few years ago.

In support of the new technology and to meet the higher demands that will be expected with future IT systems, we’ve also increased the facility power capacity from 4.5MW to 6.3MW and heavily invested in data center infrastructure management.

Benefits of ColoCSX’s Three-Year Infrastructure Refresh Program:

  • Capacity planning and management
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Improved uptime and availability
  • More efficient power with support for heat density cooling
  • Data center consolidation for streamlined operations
  • Increased reliance on critical IT systems
  • Energy efficiency initiatives to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint

Many organizations in Florida have come to rely on ColoCSX because they know how important it is to protect their mission-critical data from such problems as natural disasters, crime, malware, and catastrophic equipment failures.

ColoCSX is recognized as a leader in the industry, with approximately 26 percent of the market share in the greater Jacksonville, Florida market, according to the “North American Multi-Tenant Datacenter Supply: Emerging Major Markets – 2014” report from 451 Research, an information technology research and advisory company.

At ColoCSX, we’re proud of the efforts we are making to improve our data center facilities. Our goal is to provide our customers with higher reliability and efficiency and the latest in enterprise data center-class equipment to give them the best return on their investment.

For more information about our data center services or to learn more about our facility upgrades, please contact the professionals at ColoCSX today at 1-877-271-5441.