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Florida Colocation

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You’ve built your business into a profitable enterprise and have taken the necessary steps to protect it – appropriate insurance, security guards, and background checks on key employees. You need to safeguard your physical assets, as well as the valuable information that your company runs on. It’s all part of the process of setting up a disaster recovery plan.

At the same time, you have a priority to control costs, particularly when it comes to managing your data. Relying solely on local servers to host your crucial information is a recipe for disaster.

It’s no secret that Florida is subject to brutal weather conditions annually, with residents and businesses shoring up their buildings against tornados, floods, and hurricanes. This is why so many Florida businesses trust ColoCSX for their Florida colocation services.

What Colocation Services Mean for Your Business

Instead of trying to predict your future server capacity needs and buying equipment ahead of time, you can operate much more flexibly. Our services are scalable to meet the growing needs of your business.

Use ColoCSX to securely archive your data and set up managed and virtual infrastructure services for greater flexibility. If you need assistance with planning your data center or migrating data from another location, our expertly trained professionals are standing by.

Benefits of Using the ColoCSX Facility

Our 80,000-square foot data center is situated on 23 acres of secured grounds.

You can be assured that your data is protected against severe weather and natural disasters.

Our structure, specially designed to host mission-critical systems for our customers, is located outside of the 100-year floodplain. It has been delivering 99.9996 uptime since our founding more than 23 years ago.

We are financially sound, as a wholly owned subsidiary of CSX Corporation, one of the largest freight railroad companies in the U.S.

We mean business when it comes to protecting your IT infrastructure and making it accessible only to your company. The ColoCSX facility boasts 99.9996% availability and survivability. Our data center is designed for maximum efficiency, security, and survivability, ensuring our customers can continue with their work without interruption in the event of a disaster.

When your company depends on reliable access to its crucial data 24/7, it’s important to go with a florida colocation service provider that has a proven track record of protecting businesses with a fortified, purpose-built data center. For more information about the benefits of using colocation services for your business in Florida, please call the experts at ColoCSX today at 1-877-271-5441.